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                    Professional Environmental Paper Cord Manufacturer —Asun Paper Products Co., Ltd.

                    Founded in 2003, Asun Paper moved from Shenzhen City to Huizhou City in 2014 for fast development of business and the increase productivity, The present coverage of our factory is more than 30,000 sqm.

                    Customized solutionsCustomized solutions
                    • Good selection for product Variety, Customized accepted

                      Good selection for product Variety, Customized accepted

                      Paper Yarn, Paper Cord, Knitted Paper Cord,Braided Paper twine, Paper Brand Webbing,Paper Cloth, Paper raffia,and all kinds of environmental paper relative products, can be offer by customized.

                    • Quick response and fast sample preparing

                      Quick response and fast sample preparing

                      Confirm your requirements and quick response, provide you with a holistic approach based on your product requirements.

                    • Professional distribution transportation, zero risk

                      Professional distribution transportation,reliable Cross-regional service, with no risk undertaking damage in delivery.

                    • Quality assurance, customized carefree

                      Quality assurance, customized carefree

                      With Fifteen-years manufacturing experience, we supply high-quality after-sales service,dedicated to long-term quality tracking service, carefree customized.

                    • Huizhou:Huizhou Asun Paper Co., Ltd
                    • Hongkong:Asun Paper Products Co., Ltd
                    • Production Base:#15, Yishen Industrial Zone, Dieshilong Village,Lilin Twon, Zhongkai High-tech District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC.
                    • Tel: 0752-6383855、6383969、6383559
                    • Fax:0752-6383936

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